Scuba diving and diving courses

Diving sites

The diving sites of the Blue Bay diving center are mostly found at the northern rock walls of the 25-km-long peninsula Lun. In the surface you can see a hundred-foot cliffs and hillsides that are continuing under water, in some places up to 90 m depth. In addition there are other diving sites on the island of Rab and southern part of the peninsula Dolin, the other diving sites are located in the north and east side of the island of Pag. Each diving sites visited and dived by the Blue Bay diving center are very rich and expect the highest category at the Adriatic context.

Each dives are characterized by the sight of schools of palm-sized fish and polyps, rock fish, sea spiders, open-gilled filiform snails can be often seen. With a little luck we can see a silver-colored konger or spotted dogfish in the lighted cavities.

Medieval amphorae

The specialty of the diving center is the cargo of amphorae in medieval shipwreck. The overall structure of the wooden ship had been perished, so that the total amphora load remains almost intact for posterity on the sandy bottom of 20 meters. The intact cargo was discovered by international collaboration and fenced around with a grid structure to protect it for the future and to be even more interesting accent of the diving sites at the island of Pag.


In selection you can find many wrecks for diving so the divers interested in shipwrecks are also able to see plenty of dive experiences. They are mostly in between of 25 - 40 m depth but the diving center can show a wreck for the deep plunge qualified divers as well.

Caves and caverns

Among the diving sites of the diving center there are several larger and smaller caves or some natural phenomenon called cavities. Some start from shallow depth of 10 meters and rises through the mountain's belly and flight to the surface where branches out in three different directions. In the airy room and routes everywhere overgrown stalactites are hanging from the ceiling and the walls.


1Nearby diving sites

Mini Pastura, Drljanda, Nos, Pastura, Triget reef, Vidonjica 1, Veliki Zid, Vidonjica 3, Vidonjica 4

2Far diving sites

Crveni Greben, Mrzlanovica, Rusa-wreck, Mrzlanovica 3, Perje Zvijezda, Veliki Supak, Vucija Spilja, Svetionik, Majmun Stjena, Vojska, Morski Vrt, Praznina, Plava Voda, Jata Riba

3Special diving sites

Amfora, Dolin-wrecks


Diving courses

To facilitate the work of the diving instructors in divers training we developed a 9 m2 pier under water in 4 meters depth, so the instructors do not have to make the student divers doing the exercises in the sandy water. At the water surface there is a 1-meter diameter diving buoy attached to the underwater pier with handrails and spare lead, which ensures the safety and the professional immersion of the learner divers during the diving course. The height and the plinth of the diving platform have been designed to use its internal routes for educational purposes in case of indoor training dives.


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